What If Yoda Were An Academic Advisor?

"Down to General, you go."

"STAT 231, you must confront STAT 231 again"

"Political Science, heh, Geography, heh, a Mathie craves not these things."

[Student]"I won't fail Graphics, I'm not afraid"
[Yoda]"Oh, you will be, you will be."

"Pass or do not, there is no bell."

"Concurrency is the path to the dark side, Concurrency leads to OS, OS leads to Real-time, Real-time leads to Suffering."

[Student] "MATH 135 is so much different from high school."
[Yoda]"You must un-learn what you have learned"

"He is too old, yes, too old to begin a Bachelors degree"

"Yes, yes, to Shirley you must listen."

[Student] "I only got 20 on Descartes"
[Yoda] "That is why you fail."

"Always two there are in a Masters program, a supervisor, and a grad student."

"A Mathie`s strength flows from caffeine, but beware of the dark side, laziness, partying, procrastination, the dark side of the force they are."

[Student] "Is the Faculty of Arts stronger?"
[Yoda] "No, no, no, quicker, easier, more seductive."

"Sterile!, Humid!, My office this is!"

"Only a fully trained Mathie with the force as his ally will conquer the Professor and his Dean."

"Do not underestimate the power of CS 134, or suffer Snuggles' fate you will."

[Student]"I finally passed STAT 230"
[Yoda] "There..is..another..STAT..course"

"When 400 level you reach, look as good you will not, hmmmmm?"

(From mathNews, Volume 90, Issue 2 October 4 2002.)

Ian W. MacKinnon
Bradley T. Smith